Discover how business travelers and couples in
Long Distance Relationships stay intimately connected.

Dear Friend:

I want to let you in on a secret.

If you've been in the mood for love but your lover's been miles away, keeping an intimate and passionate connection with him or her is easier than you think.

In fact, I've developed a new guide that reveals time proven secrets on how to make love at a distance.

Sound crazy?

I thought so too... until I married my long distance lover.

My name is Leslie Karsner and for the past five years I've been coaching people about love and romance and writing about how to solve the challenges that face those of us in long distance relationships.

The biggest frustration I found for my clients, my readers and myself, was how to grow and sustain a passionate love affair... while miles apart.

So, I began conducting literally hundreds of interviews to find those couples that were enjoying maximum pleasure making love at a distance.

I also received hundreds of letters and emails from readers of my book, The Long Distance Romance Guide, sharing their tips on how to make love from a distance.

And now I'm delighted to share the results with you... dozens of Secrets sure to make your libidos soar… even if you're both on opposite ends of the earth.

Here are just some of the Secrets I reveal in this book:

In-bed treasure hunt (Secret #27)
"Bare Care" packages (Secret #20)
Ignite electric warmth (Secret #16)
Rekindle your teenage passion (Secret #43)
Record your shadow play (Secret #35)

Achieve Satisfaction at a Distance

Bottom line: Long Distance Lovemaking is the first book ever to map out the time tested secrets for achieving satisfaction with your lover whenever you're far apart.

If you have a long distance lover and you want to...

  • Deepen physical/emotional connections with your lover
  • Prevent your partner from THINKING about straying
  • Conquer fears about your inner most desires
  • Increase sensuality and emotional expressiveness
  • Bait your partner into mastering verbal lovemaking
  • Enjoy better lovemaking once you reunite
  • ...then Long Distance Lovemaking will help bridge the gap faster, better and with less effort.

    Here are some more secrets that you will find in this soon to be bestselling audio e-book...

    Now means NOW! (Secret # 19)
    How to create a chain of lust (Secret # 2)
    Hitting the high point (Secret # 25)
    Tiger squeeze (Secret # 6)
    Heavenly bodily alignment (Secret # 12)

    What's a Long Distance Lover Worth To You?

    For less than a dinner for two, you're going to learn the secrets every couple must know for satisfying yourself and your lover whenever apart...

    I'm delighted to be able to finally offer you these secrets - but not half as delighted as you and your partner are about to be!


    With this book, my wish is that you'll see how lovemaking at-a-distance can be more fun and fulfilling than traditional lovemaking ever was!

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    I am so confident that you and your lover are going to love the Secrets revealed in Long Distance Lovemaking that if you don't enhance the romance in your relationship within 30 days, I will delightfully give you a full refund. And, you can keep Long Distance Lovemaking, AND the bonus products that accompany your purchase. It's that simple. You're going to love what Long Distance Lovemaking can do for your relationship.

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    Even when your lover is traveling for business or away for a few days, you can stay connected. Read what Leslie has to say about the Valentine Traveler when she talks one on one with The Dallas Morning News.

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    Passionately yours,

    Leslie Karsner
    Romance Coach

    P.S. One last note: you can use the secrets in this book even when your lover is in the next room... let the anticipation build through the wall so you can enjoy an explosive finish together simply by ending up in the same room!

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